Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What should I do when I buy a vehicle from a licensed dealer?
Answer: If you choose to transfer a plate to your new purchase, you must provide the dealer with the plate number. You may be eligible to apply a credit or to request a refund. The dealer will assist you with this process and provide you with a form indicating your selection.
The dealer will issue a Temporary Registration Plate (TRP). You may operate the new vehicle using the TRP until the new registration arrives in the mail.
Then, you will remove the TRP and attach the plate that you transferred from the previous vehicle, along with the new tabs that you received in the mail.

Question: What should I do when I buy a vehicle from a private sale?
Answer: You have 15 days to apply for a new certificate of title. Upon sale or transfer of a vehicle, the registration for that vehicle is not valid. Therefore, any used vehicle that you purchase has an expired registration.
You may not operate the vehicle until it is registered or until you purchase a Restricted Use 3-Day Permit. This permit may be purchased through Ginger's Auto Title Service.

Question: What should I do when I sell my car?
Answer: Remove the license plate and keep it for use on another vehicle. If you do not transfer that plate to another vehicle within 30 days, you must surrender it to any MVD or Authorized Service Provider office.

You can then apply for a refund of any remaining fees.
As the seller, you must sign off the back of the title and have your signature notarized. Give the title to the purchaser.
Submit a sold notice to MVD or Ginger's Auto Title Service.

License Plate Questions

Question: Can I put my plate on another vehicle as soon as I buy it?
Answer: No.
You cannot display the plate on the other vehicle until the vehicle is registered through an MVD office orAuthorized Service Provider office (such as Ginger's Auto Title Service).

Question: Can I transfer the plate to a vehicle that I already own?
Answer: Yes.
Your plate and credit may be transferred when you renew the Arizona registration of another vehicle that you own.
This can be done at any MVD office or Authorized Service Provider office - including Ginger's Auto Title Service.

Question: Am I entitled to a refund if I sell a vehicle and do not plan to purchase another one within 30 days?
Answer: Yes.
You may be entitled to a refund if your credit is more than $12.00.

Question: When I bought my vehicle it still had a plate. Can I drive it?
Answer: No.
The previous owner should have removed the plate. The plate must be surrendered to any MVD office orAuthorized Service Provider office or must be destroyed.

Registration Questions

Question: What is the penalty fee for late renewal of my vehicle registration?
Answer: Penalty fees for late payment are $8 for the first month and $4 for each additional month - with a maximum of $100.
If the vehicle has not been used, a Non-Use Certificate can be completed to waive the penalties.
If you do not receive your renewal notice before the end of the registration period, you must still renew your registration by the expiration date.

Question: My vehicle has not been in use, and the registration has lapsed. How do I re-register my vehicle?
Answer: If last registered within five years, provide the license plate and/or vehicle identification number and pay applicable fees.
In most cases, a Non-Use Certificate can be completed to waive the penalties. If your vehicle has not been registered within the last five years, additional procedures may be required.

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